Acne Prone Skin Care

Acne Prone Skin

Rare person can boast of perfect skin: according to statistics, every third has any flaws on the face, and almost all at least once faced with aesthetic defects. Undoubtedly, the presence of any imperfections requires removal. But first let’s define disadvantages that exactly can be, what is called a skin problem and what type of skin is more predisposed to the appearance of imperfections.

the skin of the face, on which for various reasons one or several defects are formed is deemed problematic, or rather: any inflammatory lesions (pimples, black and white points, boils, acne); increased pigmentation; excessive greasiness or, on the contrary, dry skin; peeling; redness; various allergic manifestations; unhealthy complexion (yellowness, faintness, pallor); early age-related changes (wrinkles and wilting); long unhealed scars; fungal infections (eg, herpes, crusted ringworm).

These signs of problems with the skin that can occur amongĀ  anyone, regardless of the type of outer cover. However, imperfections appear more often among people: with sensitive or dry skin that is prone to irritation, the formation of premature wrinkles and scaly areas; with large pores on oily facial skin, prone to the emergence of signs of acne diseases; with combination skin, which can be characterized by the trouble of the first and second kind.


Recommendations for care
To care for a skin and to pick up necessary cosmetic products to it must be done based on the skin type. Washing should be done at least twice a day with special gels, foams, emulsions, soaps (in case of excessive greasiness of the face). Purification procedure involves the use of special products: lotions, tonics, mousses, jelly. It is important to remember that if the skin is dry and sensitive, then all the additional funds must not contain in their structure alcohol base. To achieve a spectacular impact on the care of the problematic person, cleaning should be carried out on a deeper level.


Possible components of the cream for acne prone skin:


  1. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial foundation.
  2. Various acids (lipo-hydroxy – to remove excess fat; salicylic – for gentle removal of inflammation; glycolic – qualitative effects on the upper layer of the epidermis).
  3. matting agents – to narrow pores and get rid of the signs of facial fat (gloss, excessive sweating).
  4. Particularly important vitamins (A – for the restoration and management of the sebaceous and sweat glands; E – to prevent dryness and aging skin problem; C – for rapid wound healing, collagen production and healthy complexion).
  5. Various natural extracts (eg. extract of calendula helps to fight acne, pigment spots, softens the traces of scars, celandine extract – to get rid of fungal, viral, bacterial diseases of skin problem, removal of warts and other growths). All cosmetics should be chosen according to age category. Caring for young skin to 30 years is different from that of aging. What if the aging process has already begun? It is better to take actions in relation to the face dry, decrease in efficiency of the sebaceous glands of the skin and damage of protective functions.




InstaNatural Rose Water Facial Toner – Organic & Natural Astringent Face Mist without Alcohol – Primer to Clear & Tighten Pores – Hydrating & Calming Treatment for Sensitive & Breakout Prone Skin 4 OZ

Rose water gives the face a natural beauty. It is perfect for cleaning and care of the face in the morning and evening. Flowers of rose are remarkably beautiful, apart from the beauty they can give the skin moisturizing, protecting and nourishing. Natural product obtained after distillation of rose petals is often added to different cosmetics, makeup remover, facial masks, tonics and others.

Rose water for the face, which can be purchased at any store cosmetics, is ideal for dry skin, combination skin. It perfectly cares for the face after makeup removing. The main advantage of rose water is anti-aging effect due to the presence of fatty acids, vitamins that nourish, tone, smooth and firm the skin.












Best Facial Moisturizer for Oily, Combination, Acne Prone, and Sensitive Skin – Light, Unscented, Grease Free, and Mattifying – Calms Inflammation – Great Under Makeup Day Cream – for Men and Women

There are a number of antibacterial creams by prescription, which destroy bacteria on the skin surface. This antibacterial moisturizing cream against acne thanks to the modern formula, prevents the development of bacteria, regulates the sebaceous glands and prevents the appearance of acne. Excellent moisturizer, soothes, nourishes the skin. Light, quickly absorbed releases redness. The product does not clog pores, nourishes and soothes the skin quickly, improves cell function and stimulates cell renewal. The cream-gel against subcutaneous bacteria – pathogens acne. Is designed to win over the black dots and spots.










Safe House Naturals Detox Face & Body Wash Best for Oily Acne Prone Skin 8oz Facial Cleanser w/ Charcoal & Aloe to Promote Exfolation + Tone – Coconut & Tea Tree Oil are Naturally Antibacterial Unisex

One can shine in society due to the beauty, intelligence, talent, or a beautiful dress. If the gloss appeared on his face, there is an urgent need to take actions. Enlarged pores are difficult to hide, but patience and cosmetics will help make the skin matte and narrow pores.

Moisturizing, regenerating cream, relieves irritation, struggling with peeling, improves resistance to external aggressive influences. The active ingredients of coconut oil heal, due to the activated complex of charcoal and bentonite clay the growth of bacteria is prevented, the complex is able to regulate the sebaceous glands and prevents the appearance of acne.












Exfoliate Scrub – Exfoliating Facial Scrub. Natural Walnut Scrub Exfoliator for Face & Body. Great to Exfoliate for Men and Women and Treat Acne Prone Skin. Free Gift/No Risk

Scrub is one of the most powerful cleaning agents. Deep penetrating into the pores scrub mass rolls out all of the content, simultaneously clearing the way for life to young cells. With each treatment acne is getting smaller. Vitamin E (Tocopheryl and its derivatives) – nourishes, protects against the harmful effects of UV rays, makes the skin soft. Pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol or Calcium Pantothenate) – an excellent regenerator, quickly repairs damaged cells, especially from burns, nourishes and moisturizes, enhances, nourishes, soothes.

Facial Scrub contributes to:

– cleanse the skin from make-up and secretion of the sebaceous glands;

– eliminate roughness and uneven skin texture;

– activation of the metabolic processes of the epidermis;

– stimulate blood microcirculation;

– hydration and nutrition of tissues;

– purchase beautiful healthy complexion.



Organic Facial Serum By NatureGlo – Natural Vitamin C Serum, Acne & Scar Treatment For Sensitive, Dry & Oily Skin – 100% Natural Face Serum

Excellent mattes, mid moisturizing, absorbs quickly, normalize pores regulates the greasiness. The means neutralises shine, nourishes vitamins and protects against environmental pollution and free radicals. Vitamins for acne help women and men to get rid of skin rashes. For successful treatment of acne on the face vitamins A, E and C have a positive impact. They promotes rapid healing of damaged skin, relieve irritation, improve structure. Vitamin C has the following properties:

  • improves the complexion;
  • ensures the removal of acne on face;
  • enhances the protective function of the skin.

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